The aim of the andreabonini edizioni is to launch a collection of sculptural furniture elements produced in a limited series which can be made exclusively by expert and specialized craftsmen.

Each pieces is intrinsically connected and portrays elegance through geometry and proportions.  Meticulous detail of symmetry, bold and deep lines, virtuous and ample curves, cuts and grafts can be found in every single piece.

Each product encloses the complexity of its production process in a pure and virtuous form.

They are limited editions, each piece signed and numbered, appreciated as art or as design. They are the result of past experiences yet the keeper of future projects.

The purpose of andreabonini edizioni ?

To tell a story through the use of materials between tangent reality and the world of dreams.

Eclisse easy armchair, 2021

S.K. lounge armchair, 2021

Montenapoleone sofa, 2021

Kasba armchair, 2021

Suspensio side table, 2021

XLV table, 2021

Southside floor lamp, 2021

Umbra wall lamp, 2021

Tarsia carpet, 2021

Rilievo marino sculpture, 2020

Kasba sofa, 2019

Sensü incense burner, 2019

Equilibrio table, 2018

Melody sideboard, 2018

Trieste vases, 2018

Aureo ashtray, 2018

Cosmo consolle, 2018